Sports Premium

Sports Premium

Bredenbury Primary received £8,245 in Sport Premium funding for the 2015/16 academic year.

For the academic year 2017 -2018 this will be £12, 988.

A key priority for the school is to ensure that all pupils leave the school as able and confident swimmers by the time they leave the school in Year 6. We have therefore allocated some of our funding to pay for extra swimming lessons (and the transport costs involved) for all pupils so that Reception, KS1 and KS2 all have swimming sessions during the year.

We have trained all staff to be able to confidently deliver session PE sessions for both KS2 and KS1 classes each week to ensure high quality delivery of sports. Real PE is a whole school PE programme that provides staff with high quality PE training to build up the key skills needed in PE and also aids in the implementation of this through tools and lesson plans to give teachers clear structures on engaging pupils in lessons. It focuses on key social skills such as collaboration and feeding back appropriately to others, and can therefore be considered as cross- curricular as it meets some of our PSHE and Citizenship outcomes.

We have a qualified football referee who delivers an after school football club to ensure that pupils have further opportunities to participate in sports outside of regular school time. We run afterschool clubs in badminton and also tennis (not necessarily at the same time, due to small pupil numbers.)
Our links with the QE sports partnership continue and we have utilised some of our funds to meet transport costs for travelling to competitions, such as netball and cross country fixtures, as well as other PE opportunities delivered by QE High School.

More recently we have made a significant investment into Real PE –

Some of the Sports Premium funding is used to ensure that all Years 5 and 6 are able to attend our residential trip at the end of the school year to ensure that they all have opportunities to take part in outdoor adventurous activities they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.
The school has provided various sporting events throughout the year for pupils with both a ‘Round Robin’ sporting event and Sports Day planned for the end of the year. Pupils take part in competitive sports wherever possible . These events provide opportunities for both inter-school competition and also individual achievements to encourage sporting endeavours.

We have also endeavoured to promote local sporting events (such as the Storm the Castle children’s running race and we have staff members who run a local Tae Kwando club) to provide pupils with a wider range of opportunities outside of school.

2016 -17 Sports Premium Outcomes

  • KS2 pupils were able to engage in high quality PE sessions with a qualified sports coach and had greater opportunities to access after school clubs.
  • Greater provision was put in place for all pupils to be able to attend sporting events at other schools and venues to engage in a wider variety of sports.
  • All pupils had greater access to swimming lessons through the funding of additional swimming lessons, and the transport costs involved, for each pupil.
  • ‘Real PE’ training was implemented for all teaching staff to fully embed the concepts within the 2016/17 academic year. One staff member took on responsibility for Real PE throughout the school.
  • All Year 5 and 6 pupils were able to access the end of year residential trip with some of the funding provided by the Sports Premium.