SATs Results

Key Stage Results 2016 – 2017

Key Stage Results 2017 – 2018

Schools no longer measure pupil achievement and progress using levels. Pupils are regularly assessed in on-going, half termly assessments, which provide a teacher assessment at the end of the year.

They also complete national tests. The tests use scaled scores, which range from 85 to 115. A child whose attainment is average will achieve a scaled score of 100. A child whose score is above 110 is judged to be working ‘at greater depth’. A child who achieves a scaled score of 90 or below is judged to be ‘working towards’ the expected level for their age. Children whose score is between 91 and 109 are therefore working within the expectations for their age, however they must achieve 100 in order for them to meet the standard.

Early Years

62.5% reached a good level of development.

Year One Phonics Check

This year the pass mark was 32 from 40. 85.7% of Year One pupils achieved this.

Pupils in Year Two that did not achieve the standard are re-tested the following year. This year 100% of Year Twos that took the retest passed the threshold.

Key Stage One

In KS1 75% reached the expected level in Reading.

In Writing 75% reached the expected level.

In Mathematics 62.5% reached the expected level.

 Key Stage Two Tests and Key Stage Two Teacher Assessment

Three pupils completed Year Six SATS tests in May 2018. The results will not be published this year due to it being possible to determine individual results from the overall percentages. Individual parents have been informed about their own child’s performance. The results were in line with teacher assessments.