Birmingham Central Mosque

Birmingham Central Mosque

On Thursday 19th April, the children and staff took a trip to Birmingham Central Mosque. Although the journey was a long one, the children were very well behaved, and we arrived safe and sound.

From the outside, the Mosque was very impressive, with towers and turrets all over the place, and a very smart staircase outside. When we went in, we all took off our shoes, and went to meet Mr T, our guide for the day.

Mr T told us about the 5 Pillars of Islam, and showed us the main prayer room, which could hold over 3000 men! We decided it must have been a bit squashed. There was a beautiful light in the middle of the room, and Mr T taught us about where the Iman stands to give a sermon. He also taught us about the 5 times during the day that Muslims must pray, and showed us the clocks that show the prayer times. Mr T also performed some of the Call To Prayer, which tells Muslims when to go to the Mosque.

After that we went up to another room, and talked about some of the clothes Muslims wear, and some of the special events that they celebrate, such as Ramadan. Mr T explained that during such times, Muslims must fast, and only eat when the sun is not up.

The children were brilliantly behaved, and listened carefully to everything that was said. They were able to remember a great deal when they got back to school, and everyone agreed it was a very interesting and informative trip.