Tawny Owls

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Years Reception, 1 and 2.

Class Teacher

Mrs L Campbell

Spring Term 2020

Another term is here, and Tawny Owls are getting ready to explore Space, and all it has to offer in our new topic. We will be writing instructions for rocket building, getting creative with story writing, and looking at some non-fiction texts.

In our topic work, we will be looking at the history of Bromyard market, including how goods and animals were transported to market, and how supermarkets have changed this. During our science work, we will be exploring how to identify animals according to what group they belong in, and then looking at the different parts of plants. Later in the term, we will be looking at compass points, as well as using geographical vocabulary correctly.

In Art, the children are investigating textiles and how we use it to make things, and after half term, they will move on to understanding more about wheels and axles.

During our R.E. lessons, we will be developing our understanding of what makes places special, and why particular places are special to certain people.

It is sure to be an exciting term, with a new role play area and small world activities for the Reception children, and lots of interesting facts to learn.


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