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Summer Term in Snowy Owls


Welcome back after the holidays.

This term, as always, we have exciting plans. In Reading, we are focusing on non-fiction. We will be comparing different texts on similar topics, in order to see how they are presented differently, and the effect this has on the reader.  There will also be a focus on books for reference purposes, e.g. dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias.

In writing, we will be looking at journalistic writing, recount and towards the end of the term, on writing based on places that the pupils have visited. We are aiming for writing that has been edited and improved to the highest possible standard.

We will continue to learn weekly spellings, and will be using our knowledge of the common exception words to develop more articulate pieces of writing.

Spellings are still tested weekly, usually on a Tuesday. The children will still be expected to be able to use the same words in their own writing. Encourage your child to find the closest meaning for any of the words they do not know. Your child has been given a list of all the words they will need to know this half term, divided into weeks. They also have a second sheet that contains all the ‘tricky’ words they should be able to spell by the end of the year. Most children have already achieved this.  Each week they are on their spelling list for the week, plus a random selection of the tricky words. Please encourage your child to look at these often.

Handwriting is also completed on a Tuesday. All the children in Y5 and Y6 are expected to use a joined script and to write in pen. They have each been given a pen but if they would like to bring in their own this is absolutely fine. Please note that they have been given clear pencil boxes in school so their own pencil case should stay at home.

Our speaking and listening focus will be on preparing and performing a play script. This will be our end of year production. The theme is top secret at the moment. Watch this space!

Our focus for Maths for the start of the term will be on converting units of measurement from one to another, for example miles in kilometr5es and vice versa. They will also be converting from imperial measures to metric ones and back again.

If you could ensure that your child continues to practise their tables up to 12x12 this would be very much appreciated and will make their Maths lessons much easier.

As always, if you have any worries or questions, pop in for a chat.



Mrs Wilson