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Mrs D Porter

Welcome to Snowy Owls


Autumn Term in Snowy Owls

Welcome to Snowy Owls! We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class in the morning and then we join together as a mixed KS2 group in the afternoon. We have an exciting year lined up and here is just a taster of what are going to learn about in the next term:

In English we are going to be learning about an abandoned caravan. We will learn the story and begin to write letters and diary entries based on an adventure surrounding it. We will learn about a boy who needs help and the magic that unfolds around him. We will use new grammar learnt such as relative clauses and adverbs to add extra information into our writing, using active and passive voice and further adverb forms. We will learn to make an informed argument using factual information and present this while at the same time considering the opposing argument.

In Maths we will be following AET Math and focus will be learning place value up to 1,000,000. We will investigate number patterns, look at more complicated Roman numerals, learn to count numbers back through zero into negative numbers and reason our thoughts. We will continue to learn times tables and formal multiplication, division, addition and subtraction while exploring more complex word problems and problem solving. During the later part of this term will begin to look at fractions.

Sound will be the first topic covered in Science this term – we will begin to learn how sound travels, what makes a good insulator and how it can be amplified. We will then look at forces, what causes friction and what is the impact of different forms of resistance such as air and water. Following that will look at different states of matter and then light. Children will hypothesise and investigate using experiments to prove or disprove their theory and write up their experiments using scientific language.

RE will be focused on Christianity (following the Herefordshire syllabus) and asking ourselves Key Questions about what it is like to pray and what it means for Christians. We will look at how Christians show their feelings towards their religion and how they consider God to be. Diversity days will also be a part of learning about different religious and cultural followings and children will get a chance to work as a whole school.

In the afternoons we join together as a KS2 group for all non-core subjects. In History this term we will be learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how they fit on a time line. We will learn about what it was like to live in those times, how stories were conveyed, what type of animals were around and how one age blended into another, what changed and what stayed the same. Our Geography topic will focus on investigating places around the world and UK studies where we will look at different geographical features of the UK.

During Art we will learn about the artist Henri Rousseau, what inspired his paintings, where he was from and use our sketchbooks to record our techniques learnt. Design Technology will be all about learning how gears, levers and pulleys work – designing our own prototypes, improving our designs and coming up with a final product.

We will use computers and iPads to compliment our work through research and presentation-based work. We will create a story book, learning how to code and create a story using sprites on Scratch Jr and create our own videos, learning the editing process to produce a final piece.

We are very excited to be doing Young Voices this year, which will mean that all music lessons will be focused around this as the children prepare for next January’s performance in the LG Arena.



Welcome to our first week back! Things have been really exciting. The children spent time getting to know each other in the morning, in their separate year 3/4 and 5/6 classes, through games and discussion-based work. New books were assigned and teachers got to know their new classes.

During the afternoons KS2 joined together for a mini topic that was based on survival. Children enjoyed discussion work, posing questions and thinking about what they would want to have if they were stranded on an island. Games were played and quizzes were enjoyed. A great time was had while learning about different forms of signaling with a focus on semaphore code.  Everyone had a go at signaling messages once they had made their own flags.

Finally, children designed their own shelter having thought about what specification a sheltered needed to have. They worked in groups and brought in small items from home. On Friday afternoon the weather was bright and the children set off in groups with tarpaulins, willow branches, zip ties, string and much enthusiasm. A fantastic time was had by all as they worked in groups to make some fantastic shelters. Mrs. Wilson came to judge them based on the specification and was very impressed with the amount of work that the children had put in.








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