Snowy Owls

Class Teacher

Mrs S Bentley-Cottam

Welcome to Snowy Owls

Summer Term in Snowy Owls

This term so far we have already participated in an outdoor science morning, where we experienced and observed a variety of forces at work and related these to Newton's three laws of motion.

We have also, as a whole school took a trip to Birmingham Central Mosque. The Mosque was very impressive, with towers and turrets, and a very smart staircase outside. When we went in, we all took off our shoes, and went to meet Mr T, our guide for the day. Mr T told us about the 5 Pillars of Islam, and showed us the main prayer room, which was impressive too, with beautiful carpets and could hold over 3000 men!  The following day the whole school took part in our 'Diversity Day' where we studied the 5 pillars of Islam.

We have kicked off our History by working on skills and identifying primary and secondary sources of evidence.  We used thjis knowledge to help us with 'detective' packs about  Richard III. This week we will start our history topics for real, with Snowy Owls learning about the ancient civilisation of the Mayans and Barn Owls will be learning all about the Stone Age and Iron Age.

In PE we are learning Kwick Cricket skills this half term and be evetually incorporating these into Kwick Cricket games.  We will also be playing Rounders and if the weather is not so good, we will learning multi skills indoors .

Don’t forget to come to our showcases to see how we are getting on!