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 Spring Term

Spring term is a busy term for Snowy Owls, and particularly for Y6. This term is when we recap as much as we possibly can in both English and Maths, as a preparation for SATs. Y5 meet most of the key objectives for upper key stage two for the first time.

Our topics for this term are as follows:

English Reading: a variety of non-fiction genres. We will be reading these to improve our understanding of the texts, particularly looking at inference and deduction, but we will also be looking at them as writers. We will be focusing on identifying different text types so that we can write in the same styles ourselves.

Spelling: we will continue to work our way through the spelling list for the year. Practising these will be really important. Each week we practise and test a list of linked words.

Grammar and Punctuation: we will be revisiting those areas we were not as secure in. This will include brackets and dashes, determiners and prepositions, as well as different verb tenses.

In writing we are studying The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes. We will be reading the poem, working out what is happening in the story, and using it to write either a narrative story or a play script. We will be looking at the story from the viewpoint of the different characters.

Handwriting: We continue to follow Penpals Handwriting Scheme. Joined, legible script is a requirement for all children in upper key stage two.

Maths: we start the term looking at Fractions. This will include equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. Later on we will return to multiplication and division, including decimals.

We will also focus on place value, including very large numbers into the millions, and very small numbers with many decimal places. We will turn fractions into decimals and convert to percentages.

The emphasis throughout will be on using the correct terminology.


During the afternoons, Miss Leonard will teach Snowy Owls.

As always, if you have any questions or worries, please pop in for a chat.


Mrs Wilson