Long Eared Owls

Welcome to Long Eared Owls

Year 4


Class Teacher

Miss S Leonard

Welcome to Long-Eared Owls!

This term Long-Eared Owls are learning about persuasive writing in English. We will begin by looking at different types of advertisements and identify the features of persuasive writing. The children will then each create an advert for a product of their choice. They will have to use the features we have learnt about to persuade and convince their peers that their product is worth buying.

After Half Term we will be exploring myths and legends.

In Maths our first five units of term are building on our knowledge of number and place value. To introduce each unit the children will complete a ‘cold’ task made up of questions that will be explored in the unit, in order to assess what the children do or do not know. This is a great indicator of what they will need to focus on either as a class or individually. To round off each unit, the children will then do a ‘hot’ task in order to see what they have understood during the unit and also see which areas they may still be finding tricky.

The children have a weekly spelling test every Friday. They will be given their spellings on a Friday and have a week to learn them.

In Reading the children will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Along with developing their reading fluency and expression when reading, it is vital that the children continue to deepen their understanding of what they are reading. The children will have a set of questions to answer about what they have read in the text.

Each child has a Reading Record book. It is expected that the children will read each evening as well.

In the afternoons we are joined by Barn Owls and Snowy Owls. We have started the term by studying Forces and Magnets in Science and identifying what a force is; what gravity is and which materials are magnetic. The children will answer these questions by carrying out a variety of experiments, learning to make accurate pre

In RE, the UKS2 are carrying out their own projects and considering why Christians believe in God. LKS2 are considering how the Bible is used by Christians and what it means to them, as well as studying some Bible stories.

In History, the children have been exploring World War Two and how it affected children and adults in the UK. Through a combination of research, writing letters and diary entries, the children will identify how it might have felt to be evacuated to the countryside, hurry to an Anderson or Morrison shelter and divide up weekly rations into daily meals. They will also have the chance to make something from a ration recipe book!

We have linked our knowledge of World War Two with Art and started by looking at graffiti and war propaganda. Using pencil, pen and charcoal, the children will draw various images depicting the war, such as spitfires and poppies. They will then produce a collaborative piece of art by combining all of their images together.

After half term we will switch to Geography, where the children will study various countries and investigate why there are countries with different climates, vegetation and wildlife. The children will develop their map skills and practise using atlases as well.

We will also begin Music and ICT.


Homework for Long-Eared Owls:

As well as their spellings, on Fridays the children will also be given a weekly Maths task with a focus on their times tables. This will also be due by the following Friday. From next week the children will have Reading Records. It is expected that the children will read every night and for their record to be signed by an adult.

As ever, if there are any queries please do no hesitate to ask.