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Year 4


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Miss S Leonard

Welcome to Long-Eared Owls!

Happy New Year!

This half term in English we are looking at fiction and the children will be exploring fairy tales to explore this further. We will explore some popular fairy tales and look at their key features and how we can use these in our writing. The children will then have a go at writing their own stories and playscripts.

In Maths we are beginning the term with our new unit ‘Reasoning with Measure’. This will cover estimating, accurately measuring and drawing lines using composite units or decimals, calculating perimeter and area of a square or rectangle and also using multiplication to solve the cost of several items of a bill. Our next unit, ‘Discovering Equivalence’ will look at equivalent fractions and how these can be represented.

To introduce each unit of Maths, the children complete a ‘cold’ task made up of questions that will be explored in the unit, in order to assess what the children do or do not know. This is a great indicator of what they will need to focus on either as a class or individually. To round off each unit, the children will then do a ‘hot’ task in order to see what they have understood during the unit and also see which areas they may still be finding tricky

The children have a weekly spelling test every Friday. They will be given their spellings on a Friday and have a week to learn them.

In Reading the children will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Along with developing their reading fluency and expression when reading, it is vital that the children continue to deepen their understanding of what they are reading. The children will have a set of questions to answer about what they have read in the text.

Each child has a Reading Record book. It is expected that the children will read each evening as well.

In the afternoons we are joined by Barn Owls and Snowy Owls. We have started our new History topic, ‘The Tudors’, which will see the children exploring how the Tudors came to rule and they will have the chance in DT to make their own Tudor pouches or ‘money pockets’! This will be a fantastic way of the children incorporating what they have learnt in History into their DT lessons with Mrs Tokalau. In ICT the children will also use their knowledge gained from their History lessons to create their own Stop Frame Animation to retell the Battle of Bosworth! The children will write a script, design their background and produce their own retelling of the story.

In Science we are starting the term by learning about animals including humans, with Years 3 and  4 focusing on teeth and digestion and Years 5 and 6 looking more in depth at the human circulatory system. Through this we will also be covering the importance of healthy eating.

The children have weekly French lessons with a teacher from Queen Elizabeth High School. They have covered a range of topics including greetings, colours, numbers, pets and also researching and discussing different countries that speak French and tradition celebrations and holidays.

RE will see children in Lower Key Stage 2 discussing the question ‘What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?’ After half term, Upper Key Stage 2 will explore the questions ‘What would Jesus do? Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st century?’

In PE, the children will continue to work through their REAL PE with Mrs Tokalau on Thursdays and on Fridays we will look at incorporating these skills into Netball and Football.