Long Eared Owls

Welcome to Long Eared Owls

Year 4


Class Teacher

Miss S Leonard

Welcome to Long-Eared Owls Class and Key Stage 2! I cannot believe we have reached the Summer Term already!

English: We are looking at fiction and to start this off we are comparing different versions of the same traditional tale; Little Red Riding Hood. We will compare the Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes version, Charles Perrault’s 17th century version and a more modern, familiar version. We will identify key features and how we can use these in our writing. The children will then have a go at writing their own stories and. We are also going to be focusing on webpages and how they are different to newspaper articles.

After half term, we will begin by exploring the mystery of the Marie Celeste, the cargo ship found abandoned of its crew in the Atlantic Ocean. We will look at what makes a great mystery story and the class will write their own version of events of what they think could have happened.

Maths: We are focusing on calculations, using our knowledge of various division and multiplication strategies. We will look at different ways our times tables knowledge can help us to solve word problems and scaling problems. Before the end of the term, we will also be building on our knowledge of statistics and later, shape.

Every week, the children will be given a task for homework which seeks to enhance their times tables knowledge.

To introduce each unit of Maths, the children complete a ‘cold’ task made up of questions that will be explored in the unit, in order to assess what the children do or do not know. This is a great indicator of what they will need to focus on either as a class or individually. To round off each unit, the children will then do a ‘hot’ task in order to see what they have understood during the unit and also see which areas they may still be finding tricky

Spellings: The children have a weekly spelling test every Friday. They will be given their spellings on a Friday and have a week to learn them.

Guided Reading: The children will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Along with developing their reading fluency and expression when reading, it is vital that the children continue to deepen their understanding of what they are reading. The children will have a set of questions to answer about what they have read in the text. It is expected that the children will read each evening as well; this could be a book from our class bookshelf or a book from home.

Afternoons in Key Stage 2: In the afternoons, we are joined by Barn Owls and Snowy Owls. We have studied the development and impact of the railways in the 19th century in History, ending our unit of work with a debate between ‘prominent figures’ of the time.

Geography:  After half term we will start by looking at grid references. Over the course of the term we will consider why humans have settled where we have and what the land is used for.

Science:  We will begin the term by looking at light and how it travels. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 will explore this unit by building their own periscopes and they will explore shadows by creating their own shadow puppets. They will have to decide what colour paper/card is best to use to create the most effective shadow and then put together a short scene which they will perform to Lower Key Stage 2. Lower Key Stage 2 will explore the idea of light by modelling how we see objects in groups using wool, using mirrors to understand how light is reflected and carrying out an investigation. The investigation will see the children measuring the height of shadows of objects and what happens if the object moves closer to/further from the light source.

Continuing our unit on physics, we will focus on electricity and how it is generated, discussing the environmental impact of non-renewable sources of energy. We will identify insulators and conductors are and also investigate what complete and incomplete circuits are. Later on in the term, we will focus on fossils, rocks and inheritance.

French: The children have weekly French lessons with a teacher from Queen Elizabeth High School. They have covered a range of topics including greetings, colours, numbers, pets, clothes and also researching and discussing different countries that speak French and tradition celebrations and holidays. This term will see the pupils discussing where they live and building on the vocabulary they have learnt over the year.

RE: LKS2 pupils will ask why some people think life is a journey, whilst UKS2 will explore rules and a ‘code of conduct’ that as humans we try to live by. After half term, we will complete the year by asking ‘what can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?’Upper Key Stage 2 will be exploring what matters most to Christians and Humanists and, as LKS2 will be wondering, what is morally right and wrong and why are these considered as such.

PE: The children will work with Mrs Porter with a focus on improving their catching, throwing and batting skills in Rounders. After half term they will use PE lessons to practice for Sports Day.

Art: We are studying the unique style of Edvard Munch and will begin by discussing his famed ‘The Scream’ painting. The children will have the chance to express their own ideas and interpretations of the painting and attempt to create their own version of the iconic painting.

After half term, rehearsals for the annual KS2 Production will begin. (It’s top secret for now; more information to follow)!

As always, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask or arrange a meeting.