Barn Owls

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Barn Owls

Class Teacher

Mrs D Wilson

Barn Owls class is Year Three and we work as a class each morning. We are taught by Mrs Wilson four days a week and Mrs Tokalau takes us on Tuesday mornings. In the Autumn Term we go swimming on a Tuesday morning.

We also have Miss Harris who works in Barn Owls class. Mrs Wilson teaches us in the mornings. We concentrate on Reading, Writing and Maths. We also do investigations into phonics and spellings.

Spring Term in Barn Owls will be really exciting.

In English we will be reading and writing poetry. We will be learning to say poems by heart and hopefully performing them. (If your child brings home a poem to learn for homework, please help them with it.) Later in the term we will be looking at non-chronological reports. These are factual pieces of writing and we will be basing them on something we are studying at the time. We haven’t decided what we will study just yet, so ask a bit nearer the time. Finally, in English we will be reading and writing mystery stories. Any help you can give with this would be really appreciated. If you feel you can buy one or two mystery stories that would be great but signing up at the library in Bromyard would be even better. We will be continuing to work on punctuation and paragraphs, but will also be looking at various ways to make our writing more interesting for the reader, using a variety of different strategies (for example, including using adverbial phrases or noun phrases).

In Maths we will be looking at fractions, statistics and shape. We will do lots of work collecting information and presenting it in different formats, such as tables, graphs and charts. We will be looking at both 2d and 3d shape – so if your children are bored in the car, you have lots of games you can play with them.

Don’t forget that homework is set on a Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesdays, children get their spellings for the following week. We are still working our way through the tricky words, so any help with these would be fantastic. On Thursdays the children have Maths homework. We are still focusing on times tables. In Year Three, children need to be able to know and use their three times tables, four times tables and eight times tables. Please practise these with your child as often as you can. They need to know them off by heart and be able to explain the associated division facts. Maths will be tricky for those children that cannot recall them automatically.

If you would like additional information about what we are studying, please refer to our rolling programme.