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Mrs D Wilson

Summer Term

This term we have already as a whole school took a trip to Birmingham Central Mosque. The Mosque was very impressive, with towers and turrets, and a very smart staircase outside. When we went in, we all took off our shoes, and went to meet Mr T, our guide for the day. Mr T told us about the 5 Pillars of Islam, and showed us the main prayer room, which was impressive too, with beautiful carpets and could hold over 3000 men!  The following day the whole school took part in our 'Diversity Day' where we studied the 5 pillars of Islam.

In English Barn Owls will be looking at writing biographies and will focus writing about Flat Stanley's Advetures written by Jeff Brown.  The children will have opportunities to read a number of Flat Stanley books in order to inform their biography writing.  This english topic will also help to equip the children to use skills such as passive voice and personal pronouns. The end product of this will be a Flat Stanley museum where the childrens biographies will be on show. Following this the children will be looking at writing suspense. The children will write their own text where they will build tension and suspense for the reader. Later in the term the children will be looking at Poetry.

In Maths the children will be looking at time. They will develope their understanding of 24 hour time and learn how to convert analogue to digital.  Within this maths topic the children will also explore Roman Numerals and recognise how to convert numbers from Roman Numeralism to standard numbers. They will also learn about the relationship between days, months and years including leap years.  Following this, we will be looking at proportional reasoning.  Within this topic the children will use their understanding of times tables to assist them with division problems.  They will use bar models and the grid method to support them. The children will also be introduced to long multiplication. All of these skills will halp them complete missing number problems and problems where numbers are replaced with symbols.  All of this learning will be supported by the use of skills such as chunking and partitioning.  The children will then go onto exploring measuring and estimating. This topic will consist of comparing length, mass and capacity.

Barn Owls topic this term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  The children will learn how people lived during the Stone Age and how human lifestyles evolved into the Iron Age..  They will learn through art, history, computing and geography lessons in the afternoons.

In Science the children will explore states of matter and how we can change these states.  Following this the children will explore forces such as friction and gravity.

Throughout the summer term the children will be learning about contempory music, coding in computing and christianity in RE.  In PE they will be doing Kwik Cricket.

A busy summer term!