Barn Owls

Welcome to Barn Owls Class

Barn Owls

Years 2 and 3

Class Teacher

Mrs D Porter

Welcome to Barn owls!

We are a mixed year group of Year’s 2 and 3. We have an exciting term ahead and I we are looking forward to all the topics that we will be learning about.

In English we will spend this term covering persuasive writing for the first half of the term. During this time, we will focus mainly on writing a persuasive letter. We will hear about how some friendly aliens have taken over a primary school and learn a model text so that we can then apply our knowledge to write our own persuasive letter. We will learn the different features of a persuasive text, build on our sentence structure ensuring good punctuation and using conjunctions to stretch our sentences.

After half term, we will focus on diary entries and combining this with myths and legends and mystery and suspense. We will hear a range of different text types that include these genres and begin to understand the characters in the stories thinking about their thoughts and feelings so that we can write a variety of diary entries using lots of adjectives and adverbs to add plenty of description and excitement to our writing.

In Maths, we will follow the AET scheme on a two-week rolling program. Children will start by “pattern sniffing”. This will include looking for patterns within sequences and showing that they can continue the pattern.

After that, we will move into “investigating number systems” which will encourage children to gain a strong grasp of place value using a variety of questioning to get them thinking about the place value of each number, how a number can be partitioned and where numbers fall between 1-100 (for Year 2) a 1- 1000 (for Year 3).

Following that, we will be “solving calculation problems” where children will practise addition and subtraction skills. These fundamental skills will them be applied to other problem solving and reasoning tasks, enabling them to gain a strong grasp of these skills.

“Exploring shape” will take us up to half term where we will look at different shapes and their properties. We will also look at symmetry and compare 2D shapes to 3D shapes.

After half term, we will be looking at “reasoning with measures”. This will involve lots of practical work to understand the different types of measurements and how they can be applied. We will also spend on “General Arithmetic” so that children become very familiar with how to apply mathematics using manipulation of numbers and general knowledge.

During the afternoon, Barn owls are split and Year 2 join the rest of KS1 to follow foundation subjects laid out by the National Curriculum and Year 3 join KS2 to follow foundation subjects for their key stage by the National Curriculum. This will follow the rolling program.