Snowy Owls

Class Teacher

Mrs S Bentley-Cottam

Welcome to Snowy Owls

Spring Term in Snowy Owls

This term we have even more exciting plans.

In Science, we will be having a good look at ‘Teeth’. Did you know that Herefordshire children have some of the worst teeth in the country? We are determined it won’t be us! We will be looking at all aspects of looking after teeth, including how many we have as a child, and how this changes in adulthood. We will be creating posters and information leaflets to explain different sorts of teeth and how to look after them properly. We will also do some Maths work linked to data handling.

In Reading and Writing we will be looking at a variety of different poems. We will be focusing on the poems of a few poets, including Charles Causley and also Walter de la Mare. By the end the half term, we should be able to tell you all about figurative language, including similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia, to name just a few. We hope to use these to present our class showcase to parents.

Our main topic for Maths will be fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be looking at calculations using fractions where there needs to be a common denominator. We will investigate numbers up to three decimal places, and calculate a variety of percentages, including word problems. In addition to this, we will look more closely at multiplication and factors of numbers.

This term sees us having a big focus on RE. We follow the agreed syllabus for Herefordshire. Our theme will be, What Do Religions Say to Us When Life Gets Hard?’ This topic looks at the bigger theme of life and death.

Our artwork this half term is inspired by Claude Monet.  Did you know that Monet spent over 20 years painting and perfecting the same garden scenes?

We will investigate his use of colour and texture to create impressionist paintings. We will think about how he is able to give the impression of light and shadow, and also how he is able to give a suggestion of time of day and year. During our discussions, we will also think about hot and cold palettes.  We will use all this information to choose our own image. We will photograph, sketch and paint our own impressionist paintings, once we have successfully mixed our own palettes.

Don’t forget to come to our showcases to see how we are getting on!